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Ladder Type Drag Bit

Ladder Type Drag Bit

With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China ladder type drag bit manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale ladder type drag bit from us, we always have cheap products to offer you. Introduction Leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide drag bit in different size,...

Spjallaðu núna

laSvargh targhHom veDDaq noch 'ej productive, hainaisen Dev jungwoq ladder Segh drag bit manufacturers wa'. majQa' wholesale ladder Segh drag bit vo' maHvaD, qutlh products SoH offer reH wIghaj.


Dev manufacturer tungsten carbide drag bit neH size pIm, such as 2-tel drag bit, 3-tel drag bit, 4-tel drag bit. chut le' latlh lulajpu'bogh lupoQ ghaH request.


manufactured drag bits vo' forge jen laHlIj alloy yoDSutlIj naQ je premium tungsten carbide insert,-Sep SoH'a', cham multiple precision tuj treatment rate penetration nIv longest lifespan DeSDu' roughest je 'ej DuHIvDI' 'ej welding.


bits je bits 'etlh, 'oH pong drag ghaH tc inserts 'etlh.

roD chut lulajpu'bogh chaH tun formations such as sand, clay, nagh tun 'op pagh lo'.

bIQ toH, quv, geothermal, environmental qeq 'ej exploration qeq DaH nobvam lo'.

whenever qIt, vaj DanoHmeH chaH 'orwI' qung, qeq pe'meH 'ej QuQ ghaH easiest QonoS lIng chaH.


motlh drag bits wej tel, wa'vatlh loS tel vagh tel pagh nIS sometime nuvpu'.

bits drag wej tel:

1. chenmoH drag bits according to api Hol pagh nrod Surgh Hol pagh latlhpu'.

2. Sar mIw chevron 'ej drag bits lupoQ vo' 2 inch 17 1 ghap 2 inch.

3. tu'lu' majQa' feedback because of je 'ay' laHlIj.

4. vutmeH pIm drag bits according to pagh samples 'etlhDaj lel chay'.

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