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Steel Matrix Pdc Drill Bit

Steel Matrix Pdc Drill Bit

With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China steel matrix pdc drill bit manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale steel matrix pdc drill bit from us, we always have cheap products to offer you. 1.Specification: 2.Bit Size: 4 1/2"-- 17...

Spjallaðu núna

laSvargh targhHom veDDaq noch 'ej productive, hainaisen Dev jungwoq yoDSutlIj naQ matrix pdc qeq bit manufacturers wa'. majQa' wholesale matrix yoDSutlIj naQ pdc qeq bit vo' maHvaD, qutlh products SoH offer reH wIghaj.


2. Size Sut: 4 1 ghap 2quot;-17 1/2#39;#39;(114mm--444.5mm)

'etlh: 3-9 'etlh

nozzles: rom requirement

pdc Cutter: 1913,1613,1313 'ej ngaj

rotary speed: 60-300 rpm

delivery wabmey: 'emvo' 3 jaj qaSpu'DI' payment

package: Wooden Boxes. custoemrs requirements je

oem: luq bIquv pdc bits according to customers vIlopQo' jay' 39 vutmeH maH; requirement

8-3/4″716 mm7NZ2.5″204-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35013-11511528-70
9-7/8″616 mm6NZ3.5″20.26-5 ghap 8″apireg60-35013-10010022-35
12-1/4″516 mm7NZ2.5″586-5 ghap 8″apireg60-26030-14014028-70
8-1/2″516 mm5NZ2″15.94-1 ghap 2″apireg60-26025-11011020-35
8-1/2″616 mm6NZ2″13.24-1 ghap 2″apireg60-26025-11011020-35
5-7/8″313 mm3NZ1.5″8.113-1 ghap 2″apireg60-26030-808020-35
12-1/4″616 mm9NZ3″406-5 ghap 8″apireg60-35014-989838-60
5-7/8″513 mm3NZ1.5″7.23-1 ghap 2″apireg60-26025-909010-30
8-1/2″516 mm7NZ2.5″394-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-676728-70
7-7/8″513 mm7NZ2.5″16.54-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-676728-60
6-3/4″413 mm6NZ2.5″16.54-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-676725-38
8-1/2″616 mm6NZ2.5″15.24-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-10010022-38
6-1/4″513 mm7NZ2″16.53-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-676725-38
8-1/2″519 mm6NZ2″18.14-1 ghap 2″apireg60-28030-11011022-35
8-3/4″516 mm5NZ2″16.24-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35025-10510522-38
7-7/8″516 mm7NZ2″12.24-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-10510525-38
6-1/8″616 mm6NZ1.5″15.83-1 ghap 2″apireg60-28014-676728-38
17-1/2″616 mm7NZ3″367-5 ghap 8″apireg60-30022-16016060-90
9-1/2″416 mm6NZ2.5″28.36-5 ghap 8″apireg60-35014-909030-40
6″516 mm5NZ2″103-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35014-676725-38
4-3/4″513 mm3NZ1.5″6.92-7 ghap 8″apireg50-28025-909010-30
12-1/4″519 mm5NZ3.5″396-5 ghap 8″apireg60-28030-14014028-70
8-1/2″513 mm5NZ2.5″16.34-1 ghap 2″apireg60-35025-808025-38
10-5/8″516 mm5NZ2.5″16.96-5 ghap 8″apireg60-35025-10010025-38
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